Monday, February 16, 2009

Recessionista tip of the week- Shop at Beacon's Closet!

My sister and I decided to do an afternoon in Williamsburg and I have wanted nothing more than to visit the Beacon's Closet "headquarters." Beacon's Closet is a phenomenal second hand store similar to Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads which are more prevalent on the west coast. It is a clothing exchange store that generally offers 35% in cash to sell back clothing or 55% in store credit. They are very selective in what they choose to buy back which is why the selection is so good. Whether you are looking for designer jeans, ostentatious sweaters, or vintage purses, you are sure to find something snazzy and unique at Beacon's. The quality of the inventory is quite good and the prices are even better. I entered the store with the intent of browsing and not purchasing. Within the first five minutes I found a pair of high waisted lame leggings from American Apparel similar to the ones found in my post from 4/17/08 I love my lame leggings! There is one fundamental difference, THE PRICE. The shiny high waist legging in black eel retails for $44, and i found them in excellent condition at Beacon's for $12.95. Recessionista friends, if you are in NYC, I strongly urge you to take an afternoon trip to Williamsburg next weekend. Start with a $6 lunch special at Tai Thai and then browse your little broke butt away at Beacon's closet!

Beacon's Closet

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  1. If your readers are more curvy girls, they should also check out Re/Dress NYC in Brooklyn. We're just like Beacon's Closet or Buffalo Exchange but for sizes Large and up (size 10 and above in our big vintage collection). We're body and budget friendly.