Monday, February 16, 2009

Restaurant Profile: Piccomolo

Is it possible to have such a thing as low fat gelato?? Well if you go to Piccomolo you will realize there is! I'm so glad someone finally thought of this- because you can only indulge yourself in the creamy richness of gelato for so long, without adding on some extra pounds.

What attracted me to this gelateria was the fact that their gelato display looked just like one of my favorite places in Florence. So I naturally assumed it was the same amount of fat and calories as a typical gelato- and even when I tasted it I was pretty sure of it! However, the geniuses behind Piccomolo make their gelato with fresh milk instead of heavy cream which makes it half the fat and a lot less calories than our typical American ice cream joints! It still had the same flavor and richness---but it did feel a little lighter and fluffier than most gelato. All good things.

More good news: Piccomolo has opened stores all around LA, NYC, Texas and Louisianna. Check out their website for more locations and nutrition facts. And indulge yourself without all the guilt :)

Piccomolo's Website

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