Monday, February 16, 2009

Deep LA's 10 Year Anniversary: House Culture

Every Sunday at the Vanguard, Marcus Wyatt, Deep LA's legendary creator and resident deejay spins house music to a crowd of loyal fans. He also brings in the best deejays the genre has to offer. Yesterday night marked the 10 year anniversary of Deep LA. It was an incredible sight to see, 1,500 people, all music lovers, dancing to the beats of Marcus Wyatt, Louis Vega, and Tony Humphries.

The thing that I found most interesting about this Deep event was the family that it has created. During the birthday ceremony for Deep, Marcus Wyatt made a touching speech to the crowd, most of whom have been going to Deep events since it's conception in '98 at the Viper room. I think this summary found on Deep LA's website is so true:

"Deep is not just an inviting dance floor, soulful house records and big bass speakers. It’s not just a successful business venture, a prime destination for international DJs, or a place to grab a cranberry-vodka on a Sunday night. It’s not even about the individuals who come to revitalize before another long week at work. No, the true essence of Deep isn’t visible. It exists within the collective energy of its dedicated patrons, blessing the faithful and free who dance in celebration of a life, which, if only once a week, is made of pure bliss."

Louis Vega Deejaying

Deep at the Vanguard attracts people from all walks of life---all enjoying a night of awesome music and fun beats. So if you want to try something new, listen to some great music, dance the night away and just have a fun night- the Culturista's recommend that you go to:

Deep on Sundays @ the Vanguard.
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

For more information about Deep events check out their website.

To buy tickets in advance (which saves you a few bucks) check out: Groove Tickets


  1. Great music and a great experience

  2. parking was a hassle, the shake down at the door for Id's if you got'em fine if not 20.00 bucks. we are 40 and do not look 20!

  3. That sucks about the id situation--- I was able to find street parking on Hollywood across the street from the club--which def beat paying for valet.