Sunday, February 8, 2009

So you think you can cook??

I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with this foodie website:Eat, Drink or (by the same people who do It launched in Sept of 2008 and is already chalk full of good eats.

Basically restaurant chefs, food experts, average Joes, aspiring tv chef personalities, nutritionists etc. post written recipes AND video recipes on this website. It is free to sign up- and when you do it becomes like a social networking site as well: where you can upload a photo, message people and follow those whose recipes you like. You can even dis those recipes you don't like by rating them "die" instead of "delicious."

So if you think you can cook, upload your recipes and videos! If you just want to learn to cook here's a great place to do it! Today for instance, I already learned how to make the Ahi Tuna Pizza directly from the chef at one of my favorite restaurants, Beacon.

Thanks Ash for this great find :) Enjoy the website: Eat, Drink or and let us know if you'd eat, drink or die.

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