Monday, February 23, 2009

LACMA exhibition: BMW Art Cars

Another interesting exhibit going on at LACMA right now are the BMW art cars. It is on view though tomorrow. So go stop by if you are in the area. The four cars are on display between the two buildings- near the BCAM entrance. The car seen above was done by Andy Warhol and was actually a performance piece because Warhol painted live before camera. He was inspired by the movement of a racing car and tried to imply wind blowing across the surface with the blurring of the multiple colors together. Click "Read more" to see pictures and more info about the exhibit.

Frank Stella took the most literal approach to his art car. His work is inspired by the cars blue print and technical drawings.

Roy Lichtenstein's car is clearly inspired by his usual art style (made up of Benday dots and flat blocks of color). But he was also influenced by the distance and area in which the car would be traveling, which includes a bright yellow rising sun on the horizon.

Robert Rauchenberg's inspiration for the car was as if it was a mobile museum. He painted the hubcaps as if they were antique plates and he reproduced two famous works of art, Bronzino's "Portrait of a Young Man" and Ingres' "Le Grande Odalisque"

Check out this exhibit at LACMA

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