Sunday, February 15, 2009

Restaurant Profile: Larchmont Village Wine Spirits & Cheese

The Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese store has an almost secretive sandwich shop in the back. Well it would be a secret if there were no lines out the door or tables full of sandwich orders during the lunch hour. I was so excited to try this place because it reminds me so much of my FAVORITE sandwich place on earth, The Oil Shoppe in Florence, Italy. If you take a trip there do NOT leave without trying it.

This great little find makes sandwiches in their backroom with the freshest ingredients. They have sliced turkey, ham, prosciutto which you can have on a french baguette or ciabatta bread. They also have different spreads, cheeses and other fillings to add to the sandwich. There are 5 premade sandwiches on the menu- but you can make substitutions or just make your own from scratch. All full sandwiches are 7-9 dollars and there are half sizes for $5. It was well worth the trip for such delicious Italian style sandwiches.

Tips: Get a bottle of wine from the store to go with your sandwiches and sit outside on the patio. Or take it go for a nice picnic at the park. Also, you can call or fax your order in ahead of time to skip the long lines.

Larchmont Village Wine Spirits & Cheese
Open 11-5pm or when the bread runs out
223 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 856-8699

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