Monday, August 25, 2008

The new Kate Moss?

I think not. What is this outfit? It actually scares me a little. Maybe a lot even. One because it's hideous. And two because I am assuming Katie Holmes thinks it looks really cute? Or maybe she thinks if she looks crazy enough the paparazzi wont know its her?? Sorry Katie, it doesn't look like it's working. I guess I will title this: WHAT NOT TO WEAR.


Monday, August 18, 2008

More Ketchup please!
Ketchup---the newest spawn from the Dolce Group---is found right in Sunset Plaza. I must say I think this is their best location. Sunset plaza is so pretty and always full of people and fun restaurants to go to- so don't worry about valeting- enjoy the walk around!

"Ketchup takes classic American cuisine and catapults the dishes into the modern age:menu inspirations based on childhood favorites, recreated with a gourmet, upscale twist. The Dolce group takes the traditional American grill, boring and predictible, and reinvents the concept to create Ketchup: youthful, innovative and fun." -from Ketchup's website.

I think that quote says it all.

We tried the: '3 SOME' which are three different fries and their 5 homemade ketchups: classic, chipotle, maple, ranch, and mango. The ketchups were tasty but it felt more like a gimic than anything else.

We had the "PARMESAN-GARLIC RING TOWER"- thick-cut sweet vidalia onion rings tossed with parmesan & garlic. It was delish! But not really a tower at all--it was just in a large cup.

And finally we had the "TUNA TARTARE" sweet soy reduction, avocado, tomato,
and basil chips. I do love raw tuna- ala sushi- but this I just wasn't a fan. The fish didn't taste as fresh as some sushi places I've been to in LA and the combo of ingredients were boring.

For Entree's we had the "BBQ BABY PORK RIBS" hickory smoked, served with the original KETCHUP BBQ SAUCE, Mac n’ cheese with white truffle and dungeness crab. The ribs were good, nothing out of the ordinary. The Mac n' cheese, however, was so unique and delicious that I was really blown away. They really need to make this in a full size course.

We also had the 'SLOW ON SUNDAY MORNING' Kobe beef sloppy Joe toasted buns, cheddar cheese, KETCHUP fries. This was also tasty, it had this great smoky flavor to it.

And lastly we had "MOMMA’S MEAT LOAF" KETCHUP secret recipe, garlic mash, baby vegetables. It was just okay, nothing special. But the garlic mashed potatoes were good!

The ambiance is very young Hollywood. Really interesting decor- very white with red accents. It felt very slick and modern but still had personality. But it was a little warm and stuffy- they had the windows open and no air conditioning going. This unfortunately only amplified the already very noisy restaurant. So if you are going to an intimate dinner do NOT go here. It is much more suited for a fun meal of a big party. Bonus: they walk around giving tastings of their martinis in shot form! I also that the restaurant was full of young people-not very many people over 30 from what I could see. They also have a room for just people getting bottle service ( I think they might have been intending for this to be another Les Deux- which I don't think it has become)

The restaurant is probably a little over priced as well- but if you are looking for a fun place, and a good (comfort type food) meal and don't mind spending the money I think it is ATLEAST worth a try! :) I left the restaurant very full and satisfied :) And then enjoyed a walk through sunset plaza!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The NYC Culturista goes domestic

After three weeks here in New York I am finally getting settled and things are falling into place. When I first walked into the apartment I honestly almost started crying. But after days spent at ikea and engaging in more manual labor than I ever have in my life, we have a cute apartment which is now called home. I tapped into my creative side in the spectrum of home decor and interior design. While it was a lot of work, it was uber fun developing the look/feel/and design of our apartment.

We each brainstormed on color schemes for our rooms and planned how to make it work within the framework of our modest budget. This included paint samples, the ikea catalog, deciding on wood finishes for furniture, and spending larger sums of money than we had expected. However, the final product is well worth it and I can say with certainty that we transformed our apartment from a dump to a dwelling place.

Nikki's room: Seafoam green + Ikea= Design Within Reach

My room- Cloud blue + dark furniture + purple= Z Gallerie? Urban Outfitters?

Danielle's room: Green + white furniture and a bright floral bedspread= Pottery Barn


Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Hi my name is Ashley and I am going Goth today"

Picture from Mac cosmetics
Black lips??? I like black clothes...I wore black nail polish all of last Fall/Winter. But I am just not sure what to think of the black lips. While on the runway (for effect) I think it's great...but in daily life will people actually wear this trend? Well I can say I'm not so sure we will see it in LA--but Lady L, I hope you will keep us posted on the NY front! Will any of you guys rock the black lipstick trend?


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Fashion is approaching!

It's mid August....Fall is rapidly approaching. For many fashionista's, Fall can't come soon enough. If I see another flip flop, jean skirt or spaghetti strap tank top I might start berating people and passing out pictures of fall trends to speed up the process as fast as humanly possible. So without further adieu, here is the trend list for fall 2008!


I have been waiting for cute plaid options since The silhouette is very layered. In the Tory Burch version you see the model is wearing a dress with a sweater and a jacket over it- as well as socks with booties! LOVE IT. Tailored jackets, scarves, wide leg pants-- still coming in for Fall!

D&G Fall 2008

Tory Burch Fall 2008

Long skirts, dresses, coats, pants.
Designers are still bringing the ultra long wide leg pant (as seen above). Long maxi dresses are still in (though for Fall you are going to want to layer layer layer them!!)
Carlos Miele Fall 2008
I love the look of the tailored jacket
with it's sleeves rolled up.And it looks like
the maxi skirt is back!!

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2008
Maxi dress with long sleeves for Fall!

Minimalist: Clean lines, simple color scheme.
This trend is almost always in. And you will always look chic in a simple black and white ensemble!

Doo.Ri Fall 2008
Don't get rid of your opaque stockings!!
They look fab with this white dress!

Givenchy Fall 2008
Never underestimate the simple, stylish
and sexy look of a coat with boots!

Fall Florals: Florals are still in for Fall 2008! Though most of the florals are in darker fall color palates you can keep what you already have and modify it for fall---i.e. wear it with opaque stockings, boots or jackets.

Malandrino Fall 2008
This look is gorgeous with the booties
and gloves!

Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2008
I'm still loving these watercolor like florals!
The waist cinching is very flattering!

TEXTURES!! Textures from lace to feathers, suede or brocade!

Marchesa Fall 2008
Textures are very big this Fall---lace,
feathers etc etc!

Dries Van Noten Fall 2008
This lush brocade with fur are a great
textury combo!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend

A little history on the Los Angeles Jewelry district: Los Angeles has the second-largest jewelry district in the nation, after New York. In the heart of downtown's jewelry district stands the Pantages Theater. It was once one of the city's most prestigious vaudeville houses. Theater manager Alexander Pantages built the nine-story structure in 1919, the 16th in a nation-wide chain of over 80 theaters. Pantages also built theaters on Broadway and on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. In the 1940's, Warner Brothers bought the theater and named it "Warner's Downtown". Although it still has it's "WB" shield, it has been sold many times. A church in the 50's, the building was bought in 1988 for 16 million dollars and turned into the Jewelry Center.

I decided to take a trip to the district because I've been taking up a new hobby/trade: jewelry making. So far, I've been able to find very nice stuff at Kings Road beads on Beverly Blvd (between La Cienega and Crescent Heights) and at Pearl art store. But Pearls stuff isn't made from the best materials-- and Kings Road beads is retail priced (pretty expensive but good quality). So if you don't want to take the trek downtown- that would be a place I would recommend.

BUT if you go downtown to the jewelry mart- not only will you find great prices on beads and findings, but also great ones on ready made jewelry. Stop in a 607 or 605 S. Hill street and you will find tons of vendors selling stuff at lower prices than regular retail stores. "Silver International" is in the 605 building-- had some great stuff chains, earings, charms, jewelry. "Bella's Findings" also in the 605 building is a GREAT place for beads and findings --not pre-made jewelry. Theres also Berger's beads on 413 E 8th St. All of those stores you can actually go online to their websites as well- and order online!
Bella's Findings
Bergers Beads
Silver International
But don't miss out on the adventure of exploring downtown. There are tons of places to go out to, see shows, eat delicious food, etc! Downtown News