Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Restaurant Profile: Kogi's Bbq

Kogi's BBQ does not have a set address. It travels around the city to different locations each week (mostly in the late hours) with the use of their bbq on wheels. Obviously, this added to the mysterious allure because now I was involved in an adventure to find the Kogi truck. Well it turns out its not that hard to find :) On their website, they have a list of where they will be each upcoming week. So check that out before you start on your quest to eat Kogi's tacos.


The Food: It is a fusion of Korean BBQ and Mexican food. A combo that I was unsure of until I tried it! The flavors are almost all Korean but they've created such an interesting fusion by putting them in tacos, burritos and quesadillas. They also serve a kimchi hotdog which looked quite delish.


The Atmosphere: Tons of people show up to try their food as well as their band of followers who go each week. They are usually parked outside a cool location- such as The Brig in Venice or the Golden Gopher in downtown, so it is perfect to go grab drinks before or after your Kogi's food. We attempted to go to Kogi's last week when they were at miracle mile but we showed up 2 hours after the truck got there and the line was wrapped around the block. So for our second attempt we showed up right when the truck had arrived, believe it or not, no line!

Get there when the truck is scheduled to arrive so you don't have to wait too long in line!
Order their specialty: short rib tacos. They are perfect in every way.

The good news is there are 2 trucks now and it looks like they will be having a permanent location in the near future. Check out to find out where they will be this week!

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