Friday, February 6, 2009

Recessionista tip of the week!


Everyone knows that good haircuts tend to put a dent in your wallet. After discussing the effects of the recession on business with my former LA-based hairstylist, it confirmed my assumption that people are opting out for other cheaper solutions or simply getting haircuts much less frequently. Instead of getting a haircut every three months try getting a bang trim. Most stylists do them for free if you are a regular client or for $5-10. This is a much more affordable option than shelling out $65+tip several times per year. The second much more exciting and daring option is to try a new undiscovered salon. The odds are if they just opened, they need business and will have tons of specials and deals to entice customers.

I stumbled upon Extreme Color NY when I got off the subway at 96th Street. I desperately needed my bangs trimmed and saw that a new salon had just opened. As soon as I walked in they offered me tea, coffee, and candy. My bang trim was only $5 and they told me that all their services were 50% off for the next month. These prices were too good to be true. My roommates went for cut, style, and color. The results were phenomenal and they both were incredibly satisfied. I booked my appointment and am going to get my $25 cut and style tomorrow. Cant wait!

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  1. I just came across your post when googling this salon. I walked by yesterday and picked up a postcard from them. I was nervous about trying a new place for a color, but after reading your post, I feel better about booking an appointment.