Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love my Lame Leggings!

I want to start by saying that Lame (LA-MAY) leggings are by no means l-a-m-e. I have had a crush on these for ages and I finally bit the bullet and got them. Word on the street is they rock. I chose the Vegas Legging in Night Fever Black. They also come in a variety of brighter colors...the purple and copper were two of my favorites. I was a bit timid at first thinking they were a little much but then I embraced my inner legging goddess and paraded around Hollywood sporting gear so sparkly they practically glow in the dark. At least, that's what Lady D said. I wore them with a dress and my gladiator heels, but a tunic or simple top with the leggings are a great option. I searched high and low and unfortunately they can only be found at American Apparel and are a bit pricey for leggings, ($42) but well worth it! Hopefully I've inspired some of you to be LAME.


  1. love love love! i want some lame :) Hopefully it will stay cool just a little longer!

  2. #1 Leggings are NOT lame. And those who think they are - have not taken full appreciation of ability leggings have to both create aesthetic and warmth simultaneously
    #2 The Vegas Legging is absolutely incredible! Any thing that one can wear that shines with such vigar is an incredible piece to own in a wardrobe
    #3 Leah - you alone have inspired the masses to wear the legging

  3. Those are the hottest leggins ever! I need a pair asap. You def rocked them all over D-town!