Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great websites: Hulu and The Wb

It's the start of the work week for most us...and this probably means you are dying for a distraction from the pile of work on your desk. Well "Hulu" and "TheWb" are the new Facebook.

Did you forget to watch 24 last night? Are you dying to watch Grease 2 again? What about your favorite SNL digital shorts? Sick of TV and want to watch some webisodes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Hulu and The Wb are your new friends.

Hulu is owned by NBC and Fox- so they have all of their network's shows and some movies as well for you to watch. It is a very user friendly website--with very good video quality. And now--while staying slightly under the radar for a while--they have started advertising.

The WB.com

The wb.com is a lot like hulu- but nowhere near as user friendly. But-- they do have a bunch of their old shows for you to enjoy- like the OC, Veronica Mars, Friends etc. They also have a bunch of webisodes: like the one I worked on "Pushed."

So if you are looking for some free entertainment, or just a friendly distraction: The Culturista's recommend you check out Hulu and TheWb.


  1. another really good site is

  2. Hulu.com restored my faith in the broadcast networks' ability to bring content to the masses. NBCUniversal and Fox hit it out of the park... TheWB.com will get there soon enough.