Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ghost bar at the Crocker Club, aptly named?

The Crocker Club exterior

The Mosler Lounge

The Crocker club opened late last month in the historic Crocker Citizens National Bank (now the Spring Arts Tower) at 5th and Spring Streets in Downtown LA. It is truely a gorgeous space with such a keen attention to detail. At an awesome 6,000 square feet, the space includes two separate bar areas. One called the Mosler lounge, (named after the Mosler safe company) which is actually inside the old vault (photo seen above). The second bar area is named Ghost bar (photo seen below) because they believe there are ghosts that haunt the old building. The Owner, Vincent Terzian says, "We do believe that there are spirits in our space.” The manager of the Spring Arts Tower, Kevin Taylor, corraborates that story saying, many people, including the crew of films that have shot in the building and himself, have seen spirits all over the building.

Ghost Bar at the Crocker Club

Know before you go: There is a strict dress code--no hats, baggy clothes, sneakers etc. They have a happy hour from 5-7:30 Wednesday-Friday. Check out their website for hours and more information:
Crocker Club Website

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