Friday, April 4, 2008

I wanna Yelle!

So lady D has been blogging away while I have been stuck doing mindless activities at work. But I am finally posting! Sadly, my shopping has been quite limited...but my exploration of good muzik has not! I know I have been on the electro track for a while...but I just thought I would shoutout some good albums and people I've been listening to. I have quite a weakness for anything French and electro so its only natural that I would be drawn to a combination of the two. Yelle's album "Pop Up" is fresh and upbeat. I can't stop listening to it...either driving, at the gym, and prepartying. ITS GREAT. Some good tracks are "Mon Meilleur Ami," "Je Veux Te Voir," and "Ce Jeu." Two songs that i really enjoy that are not on the album are "Trop Bonne Pour Toi" and "Parle a ma main" featuring Fatal Bazooka. She is spunky, cute, and loves neon; therefore we love her.


  1. YELLE ROCKS! A Cause de' garcons is really good too :)

  2. Leah - I have your CD in my car :)

  3. i gave you that music