Sunday, April 13, 2008


Went with the ladies to the club Goa in LA last night. Love this review from Metromix. Pretty much summed it up- well except we SOOO did not wait in line for 3 hours. But we did fight in line for a few mins-- They run a tight ship over there at Goa- so if you go be prepared to schmooze with the promoter and befriend the "sidewalk monitors" in order to get in the fastest. The club had an Indian vibe (Goa is a resort town in India) and the ambiance was a lot like a Euro club. And it was a fun night! Now here is our fav fashion moment of the night:
Here's Lady L with Ronny:


  1. FAVORITE!!Colonel sanders meets leather and skinny jeans. We really need to start bringing waivers when we go out ;)

  2. The picture is amazing... not sure whose outfit I like more. Just wish you could see the 'lame' leggins!