Monday, April 14, 2008

LA vs. War

After our night out at Goa, getting motivated to partake in culture vulture Sundays was a bit of a struggle but well worth it. The Firehouse downtown was hosting the weekend long event "LA vs. War" which was part of LA art week. This event hosted a melange of projects and art forms all in resistance to this 6 year long war we have been in. There were posters from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, individual works, graffiti art, mixed media projects, and some really good djs! It gave a bunch of local LA artists the opportunity to showcase their projects.

The caliber of pieces varied; some seemed simple and the product of amateurs, while others were quite impressive and sent out quite strong messages.

Along with that there was also a graffiti contest going on and we were able to watch the artists in action.

This event attracted a rather diverse crowd, however the majority of people there were under 30 which I was thoroughly impressed by. Our generation has really stepped it up. Go us!

This was one of my favorite pieces...its title is "The Little Dictator." Clever clever!

And lastly we have the fashion forecast:

Bag- H&M
Houndstooth headband- Forever 21
Leggings- urban outfitters
Suede wedges- Marko (Israel)

To see more pics from LA vs. WAR you can click on the picture link below and check out the album!
LA vs. WAR
Cheers to ending the war!


  1. love love love this. i wish i went. we need some pics of the lame leggings now. make love not war!

  2. I thought the show was so good that I bought an original print "War is a Rich Man's Game". I also thought there were two messages in the anti-war posters. One was the Iraq War is the problem, and George Bush is the cause. The other is that war is the problem and that the economic system in the cause. I vote for the second.

  3. Leah - the next time you go to something like this, I would LOVE to accompany you!

    LA is so dynamic, its difficult to always find these kinds of events...
    Thank you for sharing your experience with your blog readers!