Monday, April 21, 2008

Santee Alley Trip

Went to Santee Alley over the weekend-- for those of you not familiar-- it is in the fashion district of downtown LA. (Around Olympic and Maple st) Its a few square blocks of streets and an alley way that has loads and loads of cheap finds. There are shops one after the other selling the clothes I've seen in stores like forever 21, victoria's secret, and image, hats, knockoff bags and sunglasses, and shoes. And usually for much cheaper. If you want to take the trek down there I would advise you:

1. bring cash (since most vendors don't take credit card)
2. don't be afraid to bargain!!
3. be prepared to keep the items you bought (not many do returns or exchanges)
- on that note dress in layers to easily try things on in public, there aren't typically dressing rooms
4. get their as early as possible--preferably during the week.
5. use the restroom before you get there! I didn't see ONE while I was there

Here is a madras plaid shirt dress that I found in the alley for 17$ Unfortunately when I got home I did NOT like the way it looked on me--but some rolled up sleeves and a belt made it cute!

I finally found my gladiators!! They are from a little store off the alley for $20.


  1. love the tips! love the gladiators! love and hat and the PLAID!! take me therrrrrrrre.

  2. actually there's plenty of bathrooms