Friday, April 25, 2008

Davis Picnic Day 08- WORD TO YOUR MOTHER

Last weekend this Culturista went back to college...seriously. It was Davis, CA's annual Picnic Day and let me tell you it was no small affair! We made our way to Davis quite early in the morning to partake in the festivities. The events I speak of can basically be better understood as going out at 10 AM. Not kidding. It was a grand reunion minus some medical mishaps. All in all it was a great time and everyone looked amazing.

Picnic Day Trend Report: BLACK AND WHITE

Leah: Tunic- Urban Outfitters, Lame leggings- American Apparel
Michelle: Tunic- Forever 21
Meli: Cute dress- not sure...

With a splash of color...

Unfortunately, I could not find any elongated pictures

Emily: the WHITE dress
Danielle: WHITE babydoll dress with button adornment. Forever 21
Stacey: Ed Hardy floral and butterfly tunic with hood


  1. That tunic looks great on you Leah---love it. And great trend report pics! Yay spring time

  2. Such an amazing day speant with you on our 'romantic getaway!' the fashion observations, but I must say that I wish you put up the pic of the random guy with the cute jeans :)

  3. I am so jealous that I could not be there and be apart of the fashionistic picnic day.

    I believe that there is a runway show that the fashion students put on every year also...