Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Artastical Walk

I went to the Brewery Art Walk today and it was AMAZING. Located in Lincoln Heights near Chinatown and Glendale, this part of LA is an untapped resource. I had no idea that this artist colony even existed and learned that it is the largest of its kind in the world. There were hundreds of people that came to this former beer brewery which was converted to artist lofts and galleries 20 years ago. We went on the "walk" and went from loft to loft checking out these artists works and where and how they create them. This piece portraying none other than the jewel of the public eye Ms. Britney Spears was made out of carpet. Such a cool use materials! Another artist I really liked was Raul Emanuel-Cuba, whose painting were reminiscent of Picasso and the Cubist movement.

Aside from checking out some really cool paintings and mixed media projects the people watching in itself was worth it. "Walk" is the theme of this post so lets just say it was all walks of life...artists, hipsters, families, punks, older folk etc. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and some of the people even had wine and snacks in their lofts for viewers. Have i mentioned that i now want to live in an artist loft community? Some of the lofts were huge and ikead-over with separate bedrooms allowing for more privacy.

All in all, I enjoyed the art, people, physical space, and wish it was not such a short-lived and infrequent event. Note to self...if i ever am in the position to purchase art, this is the way to do it. Apparently there is no mark up fee that is applicable to pieces at galleries, the artist receives all the profit, and its more affordable for the buyer. Thus...a twofer! For more info on art events in LA are check out

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