Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goodwill Hunting

Went shopping for some costumes, for the AFI film I'm working on this weekend, at Goodwill and Out of the Closet and didn't find anything- boo. But I did find some awesome stuff for myself and who says I can't multitask??

I dont know where I can possibly wear this jacket in Los Angeles- but it was 14 dollars at Goodwill and originally from Saks so I had to buy it. Its sooo heavy and I think that might be real fur? So for now it's sitting in the corner of my room on the dress form.

$10 at Goodwill :) I have high hopes for this hideous dress--- It's already much shorter and the sleeves are off. But I'm still working on it. Now it's more a 2000's rendition of the 1920's instead of a 1980's version of the 20's. sick. Will post the after pic soon :)
$3 from Out of the Closet. Cant wait to pretty this little 90's frock up too. Reminds me of something Chloe Sevigny would wear:

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