Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recessionista tip of the week- get threaded!

I have heard a lot of buzz about the benefits of getting your eyebrows threaded instead of waxed. This is a phenomenon that I only discovered once coming to New York. There are several salons solely devoted to threading scattered throughout the city. Largely run by people originally from India and Pakistan, threading is an ancient practice which originated in Iran and spread throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

I have heard for quite some time that threading is a better alternative to waxing because it only removes the hairs and not the top layer of skin. It is highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin or are using acne related products such as Retin-A. Along with that, the thread is the only thing coming into contact with the brows and skin so it is far more sanitary. I decided to go with it and got my brows threaded. Not only was I happy with the shape, but the price was a few bucks cheaper than waxing and the results lasted nearly a week longer. I went to City Brows on 79th street and Broadway where I paid a whopping $7 for my sweetly sculpted brows. The next time you need to do some upkeep and maintenance, try something new, get threaded!

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