Monday, March 16, 2009

Passport to Poland- without leaving NYC!

I usually spend either Saturday or Sunday going on some type of an urban adventure. I decided to check out Greenpoint, because I have yet to explore that part of Brooklyn. We walked around Greenpoint Ave where it intersects with Manhattan Ave. I felt like i had been teleported to Krakow, Poland. Each block was filled with Polish bakeries, restaurants, and smoked meat shops. We walked into a hole in the wall restaurant called Happy End Polish Cuisine. This is a total family dive, and the likelihood that you will be served by a woman with a missing tooth and a kerchief is exceedingly high. She was very helpful and made several suggestions as to what we should order and explained the daily specials.

We were the only non-Poles in the entire place and even got to watch a German movie dubbed over in Polish. We ordered potato pancakes (even though Hannukah is so 3 months ago,) stuffed cabbage, and white borscht. The portions were more than enough and I did not even need to use salt. Our bill for three people was $15. For a five dollar meal, I would gladly visit "Little Poland" any day. If you are more interested in baked goods, there are at least two bakeries on every block.

Cabbage salads

My next step is to scope out this neighborhood at night and see what the nightlife is made of. Bring on the Polska dancin!

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