Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fashion Week 2009: Boots are the new pants?

We have known for a while that pants are out. The ongoing debate for the past few years has been whether tights are pants. I personally concluded that leggings = pants. Tights on the other hand, are not. If lines can be seen and the texture is sheer, it is not appropriate to be worn with a tunic. Fashion week debuting styles and trends for Fall 2009 introduced a new substitute for pants- the thigh high boot. Cavalli, Gucci, Guy Laroche, and Rodarte are among some of the designers who displayed this trend on the runway.


  1. Meh.
    No matter how one styles them, I find that thigh-high boots are so trashy looking.

  2. They doesn't look as comfortable as pants and they don't look good in my opinion. So this isn't the trend for me.