Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hummus Bar

The Hummus Bar is in Tarzana on Ventura Blvd. While it is somewhat unassuming from the exterior, it is a lively and friendly restaurant. The Hummus Bar is Israeli food and serves tons of different types of hummus as well as other Israeli salads and food off the grill. When you sit down they serve you with an amazing plate of fluffy and warm laffa bread (which they refill over and over again!!) The falafel is also delish! The only thing that wasnt as good as usual was the babaganoj (my FAV Israeli salad). Hummus bar is so reasonably priced, has a very friendly and attentive staff and really solid food. What more can you want in a restaurant.


The Culturistas definitely recommend Hummus Bar!!! Cant wait to go back.

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