Monday, March 16, 2009

A Culturista DIY

[Elizabeth and James bracelet]

Ever since Elizabeth and James' new line came out for Spring-we have been thinking about it. They have this really cute wood beaded bracelet/necklace that I decided to make one inspired by it. Instead of the $150 price tag it probably cost around 10-15 dollars to make.

You need a pack of small wood beads (using 40)
8 cone shaped beads
elastic invisible thread
1 crimp bead
Crimp tool OR flat nosed tool
I decided to use more ethnic looking cone shaped beads instead of the simple and modern ones from Elizabeth and James. But first you need to cut out your thread to 26 inches. Then you start beading---add 10 wood bead and then insert two cone shaped beads (little side facing each other) Once you get to the end you take your crimp bead, thread it through one side and then thread the other side into it--so it creates and x shape. Pull it as tight as you can. Then take your crimp tool or flat nosed tool and flatten or crimp the bead. Cut the remaining ends off and you're done! So easy!


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