Monday, March 9, 2009

Brooklyn Museum: Target First Saturdays.

This past Saturday I attended Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. This was like no event I had ever been to before, and was truly a phenomenal experience. Aside from the museum being an amazing physical space with an impressive selection of art, this cross-cultural event brings in thousands of people from all the NYC boroughs. Every first Saturday of the month, the Brooklyn museum is free and there is a showcase of art and live music with a huge dance party in the ballroom. There is food, drink, and the museum is open to the public until 11:00 PM. This event which as explained in the title happens every fist Saturday of the month. During the colder months, it is indoors, however, during the summer it becomes a large scale outdoor festival.

The music playing in the ballroom was Afro-funk and the atmosphere was so energetic and positive. The crowd was unbelievably diverse with people of all ages, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. The cafe was serving food and drinks which was the only thing about the event that required purchase. There were also various events that went on the entire week before at the Brooklyn Museum in conjunction with First Saturdays including free movie screenings, musical performances, and literary discussions.

We had an amazing time checking out the art, dancing, and people watching. Can't wait for next month!

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