Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When did tights become pants?

Tights. Are. Not. Pants! When did it become okay to wear tights with shirts that are not long enough to cover your butt?

Shanae Grimes: The worst offender. Period.
She has taken this to a whole new level with see through lace tights! Not to mention this outfit is rediculous

Sienna Miller: The Worst Dance Inspired Offender

She looks like she just got out of her ballet rehearsal than managed to put on a fur shirt and ugly boots so she could look "normal". Didn't quite work.

Mischa Barton: Least Flattering Offender

The tights are wrinkling, shes wearing flat shoes...nuff said

Lindsay Lohan: The Repeat Offender
There are many more offenses than just these two.

Would you wear tights as pants?


  1. OMG when did that become acceptable! Even leggings are pushing it I feel for myself sometimes but tights, especially Miss 90210's. How could anyone feel comfortable doing that!?! WTF!

  2. huh sorry to disagree but unless youre fat , tights ae very sexy. And yes shanae's outfit is ugly but the tights arent the reason , those see tru laces are exquisite she unfortunately doesnt wear the right stuff with it.

  3. Of course i would

  4. @Katie : you mean u have never went out like that? Give us a break!

    Where i live most girls & women love to get some attention of the kind lol

  5. I dunno, for me tights are cool and seeing them on a nice pair of legs is never bad! Go for it!

  6. tights and leggings on girls are hott! enough said.

  7. yep those are all cool except miss grimes shirt yekk , the lace tights are extremely hot though , I suspect the girls bitching against those are all jealous fat chicks right? Im pretty sure Im right cause they are the only ones who have cause to bitch ;)

    I really think Shanae need a new shirt though.