Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recessionista tip of the week!


I know it is bitter and cold outside and the walk alone from the subway to your apartment is miserable. However, it makes days that are 25 degrees out and the sun is shining feel like SUMMER. That is a big statement coming from an LA girl. But like everyone else, I have adapted...moderately. Below please find some suggestions on creative and economic-friendly ways to take advantage of physical activities NYC has to offer.

Brooklyn Bridge- I walked across this beauty last weekend and felt completely rejuvenated. One might say it was literally a "breath of fresh air." When its 35 degrees and no snow, there is no reason to stay indoors. There is a wonderful pedestrian walkway and it is probably only a 25 minute walk. Towards the end we lost sensation in our hands and feet, but that is a reflection of "bad gear" not bad weather. I cannot wait to stroll across the bridge once spring rolls in!

Yoga to the People- this popular yoga joint is donation-based yoga. More specifically, you pay what you think it is worth. The suggested donation is $10 per class, however, everyone is welcome and any amount you offer to pay is accepted graciously. It is also designed to be for people at all levels. Whether you are first-timer or you have been doing yoga for years, this class welcomes you. I am trying this tonight and will report back. VERY EXCITED.

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