Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Style for men: casual and dressy

Here are two style inspiration boards for you "Culturistos" aka male Culturistas

Casual mens style
Casual mens style - by Lady Danielle on Polyvore.com

mens fashion dressy
mens fashion dressy - by Lady Danielle on Polyvore.com

Click on the images to see where they are from.


  1. ooooo way to think outside the box!!

    I'm gonna have a counter homeless looking oe ;)

  2. Dear Culturistessen,

    I discovered your blog by accident just a few minutes ago but had fun reading it. Well, until I came across this post. Everybody always complains how men cannot dress properly (and rightly so, I just read that 60 % of all American husbands do not think it's their job to care about their daily outfit). But how is that going to get any better if you suggest to wear cardigans with T-Shirts? Ugh...