Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two appliances that will save you time, money and blow your mind!

Like Lady Lay said (here) it is so easy to end up spending tons of money on coffee every month. And if you are like me, spend tons of money on San Pelegrino or other sparkling waters. Here are two fabulous appliances that with save you money, time and the gas it takes to get to the store.

My favorite Bialetti is the Mukka Express. You can buy one right from their site for 89.00 or go into William Sonoma who now sells them as well (for about 99.95). This awesome Italian import takes about 5 minutes on your stove top and gives you two cups of either a delicious latte or cappuccino! Check out this area to watch a video on how the Bialetti works. For some reason they don't mention that if you do not push the button down you will end up with a latte (steamed milk instead of the frothed milk). I make lattes and add in the sugar free vanilla syrup, I bought from Starbucks, where the milk goes! A Skinny Vanilla Latte for a fraction of the price!

The Penguin:

I use this machine almost every day. "Soda Club" sells this awesome product (now sold by William Sonoma too). If you buy it from Soda Club they include 2 glass carafs, 2 60 liter carbonators, and a few flavors for you to try: its costs 199.00. From William Sonoma it also costs 199.99 with the carbonators sold separatly. You can watch a video on how it works from William Sonoma here. When you run out of carbonators someone from the Soda club with pick up the old ones and give you new ones for 25.00.

Also you use the water from your filter. This gives you a more refreshing and healthy glass of water than Pelegrino (which has added sodium).