Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips from the NYC Recessionista!

In the past few months, many people have had to alter certain aspects of daily life due to the recession. As for the rest of us, we were poor to begin with so it did not make that huge of a difference! Here are some tips on ways to save a penny and still enjoy yourself while doing so.

1. Coffee
Gone are the days of getting a venti coffee every morning. Once I realized that i was spending at least $50 per month on coffee I decided it would be much more in my favor to buy a quart of milk and a can of Elite (instant Israeli coffee.) This option is much more affordable and even fun. Try teaming up with a co-worker for the coffee, its a nice way to start out the day!

2. Manicures
If you feel like you cannot live without getting your nails done, opt for a polish change instead of a full manicure. They are usually half the price and you still end up with some hot nails!

3. Lunch special
Eating out is something that is impossible to eliminate from your lifestyle in NYC. I have cut back a significant amount and cook more at home which I actually prefer. That way I also enjoy eating out more when I do. One great option is the lunch special. It is almost always under $10 and is usually served with a soup and salad. I usually end up with enough left overs for dinner as well.

4. Clothing Swap
Gchat your friends and share your reject clothes! One person's trash is another's treasure...

5. Netflix
With weather like this, no one wants to leave the house anyways. For $17 per month, you can have a variety of dvds for your at-home viewing pleasure. If you split it with your roomates it is even cheaper. This saves you the $12 you would spend at the movies, the freezing walk to the theater and gives you access to some amazing and obscure films.

Send me your ideas and I can add them to the next Recessionista post!

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  1. As an alternative, provides exclusive new releases and in-store exchanges for instant gratification... who likes snail mail anyway?