Monday, January 19, 2009

Misikko Hairstyling Tools

Misikko Hairstyling Tools

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Fashionable Flat Irons and Hair Dryers

Have you ever seen a beautiful kitchen decorated with stainless steel, marble counter tops and wood cabinets, but defiled with second-hand, cheap appliances? What about a modern bathroom tainted with frayed towels and faded accessories that looked like they were bought at a garage sale? What were they thinking?! Well, you don't have to suffer the same embarrassment. Outfit your bathroom with the latest, most fashionable beauty appliances that will not only show you care about the way you look, but also the way your bathroom looks.

You've spent hours and spared no expense when it came to decorating your bathroom, so you should also find the most fashionable flat irons and hair dryers to fit the décor. Three of the best brands for functional, yet stylish, products are T3, Babyliss and CHI. All three of these makers offer hair dryers and flat irons that will blend in with your décor, no matter how traditional, modern or unique.

Some of the top choices for flat irons are the CHI flat iron, Babyliss flat iron, and T3 Tourmaline flat iron. CHI flat irons come in traditional colors like red, black, blue, and pink, as well as special designs to really show off your unique style. They have the Glacier Ice and Skull Mania flat irons, which come in either a black or white background. Babyliss flat irons are offered in black, light blue or a sharp metallic finish. The T3 Tourmaline flat irons come in white, black, brown, metallic, and a brushed bronze.

T3 Tourmaline, CHI and Babyliss all offer ultra-modern hair dryers as well. T3 Tourmaline features a hot pink hair dryer that comes in regular and travel size. The CHI brand of hair dryers has a number of different colors to choose from, including black, red, blue, pink and more. Babyliss has three sleek hair dryers in black, blue and red, each with a brushed metallic finish. No matter how you styled your bathroom, one of these hair dryers will fit in nicely on the counter.

Of course, all of these flat irons and hair dryers have a variety of great features which compliment their amazing style. The CHI flat iron, Babyliss flat iron, and T3 Tourmaline flat iron all come with a ceramic coating, which allows them to reach higher temperatures than traditional flat irons. The higher temperatures will straighten hair faster and not cause any burning, charring or other damage to your hair. Ceramic flat irons are the safest options for your hair. Some of these flat irons also have "wet to dry" features, which include a built-in guide to straighten your hair in just one step. The hair dryers also have advanced features, such as digital readouts, temperature controls and more. They are also lighter and more durable than old hair dryers. Best of all, they look great and will not be a source of embarrassment if you leave them on the bathroom counter.

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