Monday, April 27, 2009

Manuvering the Vintage Expo: Tips on Vintage Shopping


Maneuvering the Vintage Expo, or vintage stores for that matter, can be a little tricky if you arent prepared! Here are some Culturista Tips to help you out!

Know your Measurements! If you are planning to do some clothes shopping you need to know your own measurements since you can't go by the sizes marked on the labels. Sizes have changed throughout the years and a 1960's size 12 is probably more like a size 6 by today's standards. In some stores they have convenient dressing rooms for you to try things on- but at the Vintage expo they are few and far between. On that note--

Dress in Layers: If you wear a pair of tights and a tank underneath your clothes- you would be able to try things on right there and then- You might not have access to a dressing room- so this is the best plan.

Familiarize yourself with designers: Know the names--- Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, Elsa Schiaparelli, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mary Quant etc. That way if you've found a designer item for a good price you are getting a good deal (and it might even become a collectors item). The blue and red floral scarf above was Oscar de la Renta and I got it for 3 dollars!!

Go Larger: If you cant find the exact fit for your body- get it larger- since you can always alter it to become more fitted. You wont have that option with smaller sizes.

Know what you can fix: You want to look for the pieces that are still in good shape- but if you find something that needs a bit of fixing look for open hems, ripped seams, a broken zipper or a loose button- because those things can be fixed. Don't buy anything where the fabric has holes or bad stains in it- because that just means the piece is deteriorating.

Look for Crowds: Where you see a lot of shoppers- there are probably some really good deals going on. That bracelet and necklace above is my case in point. I got those two pieces for $13 because the lady in charge of the booth was giving out extra discounts to get rid of the merchandise.


  1. Excellent tips for a vintage fashionista! I would add to be prepared for wanting to buy everything! :-)

  2. These are great tips. I always forget to wear tank tops when there are no dressing rooms.

  3. Now I'm dying to go vintage shopping. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Fantastic blog ! Keep up the good work (:

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