Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The best Hummus Among Us

After hearing rave reviews from our Israeli family about "Hummus Place" we decided it was absolutely necessary to check it out. I had been looking forward to this for a very long time and had rather high expectations. The restaurant had a lovely decor and an intimate feel. We ordered the Hummus with warm mushrooms and Shakshuka which is a Mediterranean tomato and vegetable stew with two eggs over easy. These were served with freshly baked pitas. We were almost completely stuffed and happy afterwards, however, Malabi was on the menu which is one of our favorite Israeli deserts and is very rare to come across in the United States. It somewhat resembles flan in its consistency and is covered in a cassis syrup and coconut shavings. It was almost as if we had been transported to a cafe in Tel-Aviv. All in all, the meal was delicious and affordable. With three locations in the Manhattan area, it is highly recommended for New York locals or those just visiting!


Brooklyn Street Scene

My much needed long-weekend in New York involved a significant amount of parading around Brooklyn with a significant amount of time spent in my sister's neighborhood, Park Slope. There are amazing cafes, fun and rowdy bars on nearly every block, and an overwhelming assortment of edgy and stylish boutiques. I had barely gotten off the airplane and we rushed over to the Gowanus Yacht Club where we drank cheap beer on tap and ate delicious hot dogs. I got a good feel for Brooklyn by night and we checked out some other local bars, notably the Brooklyn Social Club and Union Hall. The day was spent walking through Prospect Park and down Fifth Avenue where we got to check out some awesome shops. I found an awesome and unique purse at my sister's all-time favorite store Beacon's Closet.

We then walked over to the boutique Something Else. They had awesome gear for guys and girls and an amazing assortment of SHOES. I have been on the prowl for the "perfect" pair of gladiators and I finally found them. Dark brown Dolce Vitas which are uber comfortable and not so busy that people would gawk and point at them on the street. I love them!!

Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. I find most flea markets in metropolitan cities to be somewhat similar in the things they sell and the demographic they attract. It was quite reminiscent of the Melrose Trading Post, however, there was a much larger selection of independent vintage vendors. My sister and I were browsing through one woman's selection and stumbled upon this unbelievable "cats with whiskers" vest. This photo was just for fun and gave us a very long laugh!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

In Need of Good Gossip

Besides the deliciously dishy plot lines and plethora of eye candy for teenagers and 20's somethings alike, Gossip Girl bleeds gorgeous fashion like it was dying of stab wounds. IT IS the new 'Sex and The City' for your fashion cravings. Patricia Fields watch out---we have a new style guru in town: Eric Daman (whom coincidentally was the assistant designer on S.A.T.C)I love Daman's twist on the school uniform--- although not quite realistic - it is almost fantastical and always stylish. Which brings me to my next point: knee high socks. I love them---but of course it can be tricky to pull off the look in every day life--

These cute grey patterned socks looks great-- and you can find them at places like Forever 21 and the like:

So for now I will be experimenting with knee high socks to figure out what can translate into reality the best. To find out how to dress like the cast go to : The Gossip Girl Website on Style


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emphasis on the "esque"

A lovely weekend in San Francisco would not have been complete without a trip to "Mecca" also known as the most amazing grandiose 3 story Forever 21 that exists. This large physical spaces attracts females ranging from ages 17-35+ (unfortunately) in a manner similar to dogs in heat. While it was very overwhelming and somewhat claustrophobic we each left with an exciting new article of clothing which made the misery of changing in the public eye and fighting girls off well worth it. Both Stacey and i got this terrific white/gray/black Missoni-esque tunic. Its design is clearly inspired by Missoni however it is an afforable option for those who are not in the position to buy designer gear...which would be most of us! It can be worn casually during the day with flats and boots or dressed up at night with a pair of gladiator stilettos!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Cannes Fashion

When did the Cannes film festival become another Oscars? Not that I am complaining, loooove the gowns. Take a look at some of the standouts:

Natalie Portman, always looking elegant and gorgeous, in vintage Chanel

Cate Blanchett in Roger Vivier. This lady had a baby 4 weeks ago. WTF?

Love the drama in Eva Longoria's gown-- by Versace Atelier. It just looks so fun to be in.

Angie's having twins! Thought this Max Azaria Atelier was a great choice for her- she looks fab.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zip this!

The term "crush" cannot even begin to explain my sentiment towards this stunning form of footwear. The shoe horniness is back and in full force. I have been waiting for months to find a knock off because unfortunately...buying a pair of Louboutins is a non-option. These are hot hot hot and i love them. Maybe when Nicky is done she can toss them in my direction...