Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 7k Louboutin heel


This limited edition Christian Louboutin heel is nearly 7,000 dollars. Louboutin created 36 of these queenly heels inspired by the great Marie Antoinette. The shoe is an open-toe platform high heel in satin, embroidered with colorful beads by the house of Jean-Francois Lesage, edged with a ruffling of chiffon and velvet (pictured above)

Louboutin and his special edition shoe [La Times]

Enjoy the gorgeousness Culturistas--and maybe these shoes will help stimulate the economy. ;)


Friday, February 27, 2009

Diddy Riese---DIY

If you live in Los Angeles, especially if you have attended UCLA or live in Westwood, you have had the deliciousness that is Diddy Riese. You choose your cookie type (you can even get two different kinds), then you choose your flavor of ice cream. And voila, you have an amazing ice cream sandwich all for $1.50. Now they aren't expensive by any means, and if you are in the area I recommend you try it, BUT, you can make the same exact thing without leaving your house!

All you need is your favorite brand of cookie dough (I prefer Trader Joe's chocolate chip cookie dough) and your favorite kind of ice cream (I like the traditional vanilla, but cookie dough or cookies and cream are great too!!). Bake the cookie dough as directed and make sure you don't over cook! Sometimes it looks like they aren't done so you bake for longer but TRUST me they are done. Just take them out and let them cool and harden for a while. Then once they are a nice brown color and have cooled down a bit you can assemble your sandwich!

Tip: There is usually a bit of a line at Diddy Riese but don't be scared off, it moves quickly!

Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-0448


The Downtown bar roundup: Part 1

For most of us Los Angelinos, we frequent the same bars and clubs over and over it tends to get a little stale. Well the good news is, we have a downtown! I know what you are thinking.... "downtown at night looks like it's straight out of 'I Am Legend'" or "the only thing fun to do in downtown at night is see a game at the Staples center" or "downtown...ya it's fun if you want to hang out with crack heads and homeless people." Well if you still have those notions, you are living in the past my culturistas. There are tons of great places in downtown and new ones cropping up all the time, so here is a compilation of some of the best for you all to explore and enjoy :)

Suade Bar & Lounge
@ the Bonaventure Hotel
404 S. Figueroa St.

This posh bar resides in the Bonaventure hotel. They ambiance is sexy and romantic with its red suade seating and private booths a plenty. Great place for downtown professionals and dwellers a like to catch a drink after work. They have an awesome happy hour "4-4-4-4" Mondays-Fridays 4-8pm where everything is four dollars (beer, appetizers, well drinks and wine)

Bar 107
107 West 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 625-7382

This little dive bar with tons of character is a favorite among downtown hipsters and hollywood partiers alike. The red walls, fifties style decor and stuffed animal heads on the wall make for quite an eclectic mix. Great place to dance, take pictures in the photo booth and chug $2 PBR cans.

Crocker Club
453 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 239-9099

We've previously mentioned the newly opened Crocker Club here. It is inside the old Crocker Bank building and is as luxe as it gets. One of its lounges is actually inside the old vault, they have private rooms inside the old safety deposit box rooms and they have a second lounge that may or may not be haunted.

The Varnish Bar @ Coles
118 E. Sixth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

The Varnish Bar, located in Coles French dip is one of the newest bars on the scene. The idea behind the Varnish Bar is that it is a little secret speakeasy and an homage to classic American cocktails. The decor is also very old school, a lot of wood and old fashion lamps--which just add to the nostalgia.

Lucky Strike @ LA Live
800 Olympic Blvd.

Lucky Strike has been making bowling trendy and swanky for years. Their newest location is found at LA Live downtown. While they don't have cheapest drinks or bowling in town- you are sure to have a fun time! Tip: Dont park in LA live for $20---drive around Olympic and Fig to find a 5-10 dollar lot - or even a meter.

ESPN Zone at LA Live
1011 S. Figueroa St.

If you are looking for a sports bar with tons of flat screen tv's to watch a game on, ESPN zone is the place. 2 floors of sports memorabilia and games can keep you busy for hours.

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Look of the week: Ashley Tisdale

[Photo via Just Jared]

Ashley Tisdale in Los Angeles on February 26th. I love this look, the floral tunic dress, oversize cardigan sweater and tough boots. Plus the red sunglasses and layers underneath her dress make this ensemble the Culturistas chic look of the week!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forever 21 Swimwear!

Looks like Forever 21 is starting to sell swimwear. The two pieces are all sold separately (which is a fabulous!!) and they are 12.80 for each piece and $22 for the 1 piece. Here are some pics of the new spring collection below:

I LOVE that paisley bohemian suit at the top of the page, but I am a little disappointed at the lack of variety in shapes. They are the same boring triangle top. But if you need a cheap fun swim suit for the weekend Forevs is a great resource! My fav. website to shop for bathing suits? Definitely Victoria's Secret

Shop swimwear now at: Forever 21


Gossip Girl update: Next Episode March 16th

Promo photos have been released for the next episode, "The Age of Dissonance" on March 16th. If we have to wait that long- at least we have some awesome pictures.

Costumes for Serena and Blair.

An unlikely pairing and in period costume, so I'm guessing this is a school play?

More cool or dream sequence?

All photos from the


ByDandelion Etsy Store

My jewelry designs are now available for purchase on! ByDandelion jewelry jewelry is feminine, chic and wearable. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind, using high quality materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold, pearls, and glass beads.

Apple Blossom Necklace- 75.00

White Orchid Necklace - 75.00

Visit : ByDandelion Etsy Store


Oscar 2009 Knockoff dresses

A recreation of Kate Winslet's dress--which I must say I like better!

The fashion company, Unique Vintage is already coming out with Oscar knockoff dresses. Usually I wait for the ABS version to come out---but these will be ready to purchase in just a few short months.

A recreation of Angelina Jolie's dress vs. the real thing:

A recreation of Natalie Portman's Dress and the real thing:

Sadly most fall flat in comparison to the original---but I actually do like the modifications done to Kate Winslet's dress since I wasn't really a fan. Each dress runs in the 200-300 dollar range.

Thanks to Budgetbabe for the great info :)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ghost bar at the Crocker Club, aptly named?

The Crocker Club exterior

The Mosler Lounge

The Crocker club opened late last month in the historic Crocker Citizens National Bank (now the Spring Arts Tower) at 5th and Spring Streets in Downtown LA. It is truely a gorgeous space with such a keen attention to detail. At an awesome 6,000 square feet, the space includes two separate bar areas. One called the Mosler lounge, (named after the Mosler safe company) which is actually inside the old vault (photo seen above). The second bar area is named Ghost bar (photo seen below) because they believe there are ghosts that haunt the old building. The Owner, Vincent Terzian says, "We do believe that there are spirits in our space.” The manager of the Spring Arts Tower, Kevin Taylor, corraborates that story saying, many people, including the crew of films that have shot in the building and himself, have seen spirits all over the building.

Ghost Bar at the Crocker Club

Know before you go: There is a strict dress code--no hats, baggy clothes, sneakers etc. They have a happy hour from 5-7:30 Wednesday-Friday. Check out their website for hours and more information:
Crocker Club Website

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Get a Free Sub!


Want a free meal? I know i do. I signed up, got a coupon, and tomorrow I will be eating a free sandwich. You can register by clicking on the link below and you can send it to your friends.


Funny Video of the day: Literal video Rick Roll

Why is this so funny?? I could watch it over and over


The Jonas Brothers 3-d concert premiere

[Photo via Splash News]

Unfortunately I was in Hollywood yesterday walking right by this craaaazy premiere for the Jonas Brothers 3-d concert. It was a mad house, streets closed off, mess of traffic, hordes of teenage fans and their mothers screaming for these boys. Now being a little too old to be part of this fandom, I keep asking myself why are they so popular? Anyone have any insight? They do have great style though! Love the three piece suit, the rolled up blazer sleeves and the bow tie (seen below).

[Getty Images]


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is anyone else bummed that there has not been a new Gossip Girl alllllll month?

Well we are! So here are some pretty pictures while we sit and wait.

[photo via]

[photo via the CW]


Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince - Internation Featurette

Nice juicy preview and behind the scenes video :)


Weekly Linkage

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Who was the best dressed at the Oscars 2009? free polls
Who was the best dressed at the Oscars?
Angelina Jolie Natalie Portman Anne Hathaway Vanessa Hudgens Jennifer Aniston Evan Rachel Wood

Vote in our poll---who was your best dressed at the 2009 Oscars?

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LACMA exhibition: BMW Art Cars

Another interesting exhibit going on at LACMA right now are the BMW art cars. It is on view though tomorrow. So go stop by if you are in the area. The four cars are on display between the two buildings- near the BCAM entrance. The car seen above was done by Andy Warhol and was actually a performance piece because Warhol painted live before camera. He was inspired by the movement of a racing car and tried to imply wind blowing across the surface with the blurring of the multiple colors together. Click "Read more" to see pictures and more info about the exhibit.

Frank Stella took the most literal approach to his art car. His work is inspired by the cars blue print and technical drawings.

Roy Lichtenstein's car is clearly inspired by his usual art style (made up of Benday dots and flat blocks of color). But he was also influenced by the distance and area in which the car would be traveling, which includes a bright yellow rising sun on the horizon.

Robert Rauchenberg's inspiration for the car was as if it was a mobile museum. He painted the hubcaps as if they were antique plates and he reproduced two famous works of art, Bronzino's "Portrait of a Young Man" and Ingres' "Le Grande Odalisque"

Check out this exhibit at LACMA


Oscars Fashion Part 2 (The Worst of the Worst)

While most people were impeccably dressed last night, there were some who crossed the Culturista line.

Amandya Seyfried in Valentino Haute Couture. I don't know what she was thinking, but I have no doubt that the Mean Girls would not let her sit at their lunch table.

I am a big Beyonce fan, but I don't know what happened here. This tacky print is blinding.

Little miss Miley in a Zuhair Mirad gown. 15 year olds should not be wearing evening gowns. Does anyone remeber Leanne Rimes dress at the Oscars in the mid 90s?

Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler was a movie. We thought you were playing a character?