Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heading to Headband land

Get the Look: Hot Headbands
The head band. You can evoke so many different styles with one accessory. Check out these great looks you can create with just one piece that wont break the bank! (In fact all of these headbands are 10 dollars and under!!)

The hippie head band: seen amongst Hollywood types these days. So sexy and casual

You can find a cute hippie headband at Urban Outfitters (Seen below)

The Flapper headband: a little more glamorous and great for an evening out.
Find a great feathered headband like this one at Forever 21 (As seen below)

The Skinny modern headband: this headband works day and night and looks great with an updo!

Get cute skinny headbands at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, respectively

And of course The Preppy Headband: We love the way Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf wears her headbands every episode. She is our little headband muse.

Find great preppy headbands at Forever 21: seen below

Mix up your look this fall with great, inexpensive accessories to enhance your personal style and bring out the Culturista in you.


Gossip Girl: Now representing the hipster front?

As an avid watcher of Gossip Girl, I will be the first to say that I am a huge fan of Eric Daman's ultra creative spin on the Upper Eastsider school uniform. He infuses colorful tights and various edgy accessories and hatwear with a keen attention to detail. The final outcome is that each character's school uniform appears completely unique and in sync with their personality.

The plot in Gossip Girl has played up the Manhattan vs. Brooklyn rivalry which it is now reflective in the styling and choices of clothing. This is most apparent in last week's episode "Pret-a-Poor-J" with Jenny Humphrey who is the newest talk of the town. The title in itself is a witty play on the French-esque food chain "Pret-a-Manger" found on several Manhattan corners. This season, "lil J" has truly come into her own as the former prepster turns into a high school drop out/aspiring fashion designer. In this particular episode, she trades in her layered locks for an ultra choppy and edgy coif and trades in her her plaid blazer for a biker-chic leather jacket.

Check out little Ms. Prepster Vs. the new little Ms. Hipster

The new Jenny drinks PBR at dive bars, takes faux artsy pictures which will inevitably end up on myspace, reads Nylon and Paper, and toys with the idea of starting her own clothing line.

Well Little J, looks like someone is on the fast track to Williamsburg and all we can do is sit tight and wait for the next episode.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a miracle

Katie Holmes is looking stylish again!! Very happy to see her in a cropped leather jacket, sweater, and FLATTERING jeans. Woohoo. I'm jealous of the NY weather--it's been so hot in LA im still stuck in summer gear. For now i'll just be wishing it would cool down....


Friday, October 24, 2008


Apparently Anchor Blue is dropping Heidi Montag's line "Heidiwood." Aww how sad. Now where will I go when I need a slutty zebra print top or other random trashy clothes?? Well at least they were cheap- and normal fans of "The Hills" could by them. Very unlike Lauren Conrad's line: Here


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parlez-vous OPI?

OPI's latest collection is perfect for Fall. It has several dark and sumptuous colors with an emphasis on purple and gray, two popular hues for Fall/Winter 08.

You dont know Jacques

Louvre me, Louvre me not

Great colors with witty names!


Lust vs. Must
LUST!!! Christian Louboutin $825.00

Fendi Suede ankle boots
LUST!!! Fendi $785.00
MUST!!!! Payless $34.99

Yes Lady L and I have already picked up our pairs (L visited 4 Payless stores in NYC to track these down-- so be prepared to hunt! And great find L!!)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bootie Bootie Bootie Rockin Everywhere

Doesn't it feel good to Pay-less?

One thing I have had to adjust to accordingly living here in New York is eliminating shopping as an activity. Shopping for clothes has been replaced by purchases made at glamorous spots such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Fairway Supermarket. After holding out for 3 months I finally broke down. Summer had become a distant memory and people seem to be in full-fledged boot and coat mode. It was time for me to take action. A little bird told me that Payless (yes...payless) had a trendy collection of boots and booties. Let it be known that I think the last time I was in Payless was the early 90s when I made a purchase of faux mary jane doc martens and my feet were a size 2 kids. True story.

I ventured out like the inquisitive Culturista that I am to do some "research."

The findings: A goldmine for the financially challenged. Dozens of boots and all under $40.

$29.99- faux grey suede. Comfortable enough to walk 30 blocks without complaining. Seriously.

$34.99- Nuff said.

Please see Lady D's Lust vs. Must. In all seriousness, I had to visit 4 different branches and ultimately went on the Payless "Crawl" before I found this precious pair.


Stir it up!

I'm not sure when it happened, but there has been a nationwide explosion of stir ups. Leggings are no longer the sole staple. The stir up has officially been brought back! As a true child of the (late) 80s I am a big fan of this trend. They are a great option with booties and any type of open toe heel, especially peep-toes. This particular pair is from American Apparel but they also can be found in legging form at Urban Outfitters. At first I was not sure about sporting the hot pink, but I think this fall and winter we should dress outside the lines. Spice up your cold weather wardrobe consisting of primarily greys and blacks by infusing a bright and spunky stir up into the mix. I know I will.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Attack of the boyfriend jean

Ahhhh.. what are these celebrities thinking? And you remember this lovely incident. These jeans are so completely unflattering for the body- even waifish looking stars look thick in the hips and matronly. Do not try this at home!! I don't know why anyone would want to leave their house looking like they just got in a fight with a paranha or just generally sloppy

If you want something more comfy and easy going why not try one of these styles:

They are both wide leg but there's some shape in the hips and thighs- and they both look PUT TOGETHER!! Simple- yet chic! Not like a slob.
Bilson photo from: Denim Blog