Monday, April 20, 2009

Crown Bar: Why the Culturistas love it

I first fell in love with Crown Bar last summer after it first opened. I found myself there multiple weekends in a row and each time I had a blast. Not only did I like it, but several friends with a diverse taste in nightlife enjoyed it just as much. There was a great mix of people and a dj that actually played our requests. While the venue is not large, it was also just crowded enough but not so much that it was impossible to move.

Last weekend when I returned to LA, I decided I would try my luck 10 months later. To my surprise, it was the same! It was like nothing had changed. The best part was that unlike the summer there was no line to get in. Same crowd, same feel, same fun! A good mix of dancin,shmoozin, and boozin. If you are in LA and wondering what to do you should check it Crown bar!

Crown Bar
7321 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046


  1. Love this place---had so much fun when you were here :) xoxo

  2. Love, Love, Love... this spot! Great people, great music, great atmosphere. If only they'd have one in NYC & SF...

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