Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shopping alert!

When I walked into this new store on Beverly Drive- I thought I probably wouldn't buy anything because the prices would be outrageous. But instead I was pleasantly surprised that it was very affordable. The collection is young, very girlie, bright and fun. There were a lot of one-sies, cute short day dresses, some knit wear (juicy type track suits-- i know puke. but we will let that one slide), and cute jackets. OH and really cute accessories!

Then I got some info about the store --since I knew it was newbie on the street. They had opened a few weeks ago- and the designer is a 15 year old Russian girl! The fashion phenom, Kira Plastinina, just opened her first two stores in LA and NY (though she has over 40 in Russia).
Kira is in the pink/silver dress! And those are all her designs.

Her style is really fun and geared towards a younger audience (17-25).
You can check out more pictures of the collection at:
(and it looks like any of you w/o a Kira store in your area will be able to shop online soon too)


she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini

So its June 15th, aka it's crawling up on the first day of summer, aka BATHING SUIT SEASON!!! And if you are groaning because the time went by so fast and you didn't get a chance to get toned up- GUESS what? The one piece is back!

Trend 1: The One Piece

Chanel- Resort Collection 2008
This classic black one piece will never go out of style.

Two sexy one pieces by Victoria's secret

Trend two: RETRO

Both suits by Victoria's Secret
Love the polka dots-- LOVE the high waist!!! But I have to warn you- the high waist is a little hard to pull off- so TRY before you BUY! And then enjoy looking like a sexy 50's pin up

Trend Three: Ethnic
Well of course this trend was going to trickle into bathing suits-- and it is a good one :)

Ethnic bathing suits on the runway

Cute ethnic print suit from Victoria's secret

So if you aren't one to follow trends- don't forget most bathing suits are sold separately these days. So buy an ethnic print top and wear it with a plain black bikini bottom. Or a cute polka dot bottom- with a solid color top. Play! The beach is about fun! So naturally you should have fun with your bathing suits!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sex and The City Movie

Like the many throngs of women gathering to see the S.A.T.C movie opening weekend- Lady L and I followed suit with 2 of our best friends. Patricia Fields, of course, puts together the gorgeous ensembles once again- just as she did for the series. BUT, from a fashion stand point I was slightly disappointed. I thought the outfits were fun and always pretty- but also toned down from the series. It didn't have that- crazy fearless feeling - including being a fashion victim once in a while, like the series did. And it was much more centered around designer fashion- rather than some pieces looking exotic or thrift-store-y. But of course Carrie still looked fashion forward, Miranda - feminine with an executive edge, Samantha very sexy with an 80's power suit type influence, and Charlotte- very prim and classic. And I think I want to start wearing pearls to bed, ala Carrie.

The first time we see the four women together in the movie (I do love Carries look- including the ascot!!)

HELLO Above the knee socks. I love you.

The movie did a great job of reminding us of everything that happened in the series in a few short minutes and wrapped everything up in the end- which, as a huge fan of the series, I was greatful for.

The Vivian Westwood gown---GORGEOUS