Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Hangover Remedies from Food2

The Culturistas, and probably everyone else in the world, are no fans of hangovers. So if you had one too many last night and need a boost, the lovely people from Food2 have posted this great article on food/drink cures for hangovers! Check it out below:

Here's how to deal -- symptom by symptom:

Headache – alcohol has a dilating effect on your blood vessels

Aspirin (the real thing) will tackle the headache—probably the most annoying part.
Caffeine helps relieve that pounding headache by constricting your blood vessels too; it also wakes you up. But just like booze it dehydrates, so you'll still need to drink lots of water.

Cotton Mouth – a direct result of alcohol's dehydrating effects

• Water is your new best friend. Drink a lot before you go to bed (if you happen to be in a somewhat organized state of mind) and all day the next day.
Sports drinks have enough salt and sugar to help replace all your spent electrolytes. Bouillon, fruit juice and even pickle juice do a similar job.
• The potassium in bananas also fights the dehydration.

Nausea – alcohol irritates your stomach lining, causing nausea and extra stomach acid

Hangover foods around the world: Northern Germans swear by marinated fish (like herring), Mexicans have posole (tripe and hominy soup), and the Senegalese have yassa chicken and lemon stew. And the ancient Roman hangover cure was wine-soaked eel.

Not feeling the global love? If you can handle food, your best bet is something like eggs, which are high in cysteine, which soaks up the leftover toxins.

Tomatoes & tomato juice have lots of vitamin C, which takes a serious beating from the alcohol intake. But make that Bloody Mary a Virgin Mary if you know what’s good for you.

• If you even think about eating, try a fruit smoothie to boost your blood sugar and replenish all those lost nutrients.


• Go back to bed. Seriously. Your spin class will always be there...

Bad Call

Day Drinking: Bloodys and Screwdrivers for breakfast just prolong the pain.

Painkillers & anti-nausea drugs. Four out of five doctors agree: Don’t bother.

Fried Foods: Can reduce a hangover if eaten before drinking; after drinking...all good, if you can keep everything down...

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