Friday, May 1, 2009

Recessionista tip of the week: STAYING IN IS THE NEW GOING OUT

Are you over hearing about the state of the economy and how detrimental it is? So are the Culturistas. We have assembled some fun options and activities to do on the cheap. Who wants to go out to a lavish dinner and expensive night on the town anyways? All you need are some good friends some tasty treats and entertainment.

1. POTLUCK! Go to the grocery store with your friends. If everyone pitches in about $5 you can purchase the supplies to make an awesome dinner. If you really want to elevate the mood light a few candles and buy a bottle of limoncella for a burst of flavor.

2. OUTDOOR MOVIE SCREENING! If you've got a porch, stoop, rooftop, terrace, or even sidewalk, just bring your plasma outside! Set up some chairs and let the film start rolling. The weather is heating up and transferring your tv set up to the outdoors is a great way to set the mood and invite people over for a free activity.

3. GAME NIGHT! Gather some homies and break out the board games. It is time to get competitive! You can play taboo, apples to apples, cranium, catch phrase, boggle, or scrabble. Things will probably get a bit heated.

4. INTERIOR DESIGN! Sick of how your apartment or home looks? Go to home depot and with $30 you can buy a can of paint and a painters kit. Paint an accent wall, move some furniture around, and it will feel like a whole new space.

5. Scrapbooking party! Gather all your old pictures and take a trip to Michaels. Get together with your friends, reminisce about old times and start decorating. Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words...

Fellow Culturistas, if you have any ideas to contribute please send them our way! We always love your input!

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