Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ariana Restaurant: A Journey to Afghanistan

Since reading The Kite Runner years ago,my quest to try Afghan food was piqued. As a long time fan of both Indian and Persian cuisine, Afghan sounded like an unbelievably flavorful and mouthwatering experience. Afghan food fuses naan and curry with kabobs and rice. I cannot imagine a more perfect combination. Ariana Restaurant is a quaint and small space located in the heart of NYC's Hell's Kitchen. There is one waiter who is eager to chat especially if you happen to be a group of attractive women. I can fairly say that it will increase your chances of complimentary desert.

We ordered two outstanding appetizers which i highly recommend. The Aushak (pictured above) is a traditional Afghan dumpling filled with leeks and topped with yogurt and meat sauce. The second being the Kadoo Bolanee, a fried pumpkin turnover also served with yogurt. The best dishes from the entrees were the Kabuli Palow with a chicken kabob (rice with raisins and a succulent kabob), and the Sabzi Chalow, a stew with chicken and spinach.

We ordered the firnee, a traditional desert which is similar to pudding and topped with almonds and pistachio nuts. This light delicacy was a great way to cleanse the pallet and finish the meal.

Ariana Restaurant
787 9th Ave
New York, NY 10036
212 - 262 - 2323

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