Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fab Find of the week: Zippered and Studded Heels

Fab Find of the week: Zipper Trim Patent Pumps, $28.80 from Forever 21
Shop the shoes here!

Zippers, Studs, Super high heels, a thick platform for added comfort, and fancy new logo...all for $28.80!! Whats not to love?


  1. man f21 just keeps uppin the ante! i wonder if these shoes look as good in person though... i've always been unimpressed with the quality of the f21 shoes i've seen in the stores

  2. Ya I am always impressed at how fast they get the trendy runway items onto the sales floor. Pretty awesome. I went into the store and bought these heels bc they felt comfortable and seems like they will last a while (quality wise)!

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