Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Flight to Yogurtland

I've been hearing the buzz about Yogurtland, now that they are popping up all around the city. So I knew it was time to try it myself! My preconceived notion of this place was that it was a self serve fantasy land of yogurt and toppings. And while it kind of is- it was different than I imagined. It is very similar to pink berry in decor and choices of toppings---but there are also MANY more flavors ranging from the fruits to the desserty flavors (Chocolate, peanut butter, cookies and cream). Plus they do have a wider range of toppings. The place is very much a mix of a typical frozen yogurt place (i.e. Penguins) and the new "pinkberry-esq" rage. So when you go in, you pick up your cup and fill it up to your hearts desire of flavors and toppings (keeping in mind you are charged by weight). It turned out to be much cheaper than Pinkberry so that was definitely a plus! It was a little tricky to get tastes--they keep the mini cups in the front. So make sure you do that first- since there are so many flavors it is hard to choose.
I went to the Yogurtland on Labrea and 3rd st. and it was a little small compared to the other places. So when a line starts to form it can be very awkward to do your thing and serve yourself.

Check out their website for all the menu items and nutrition facts ( you will be pleasantly suprised most yogurts are fat free and pretty low cal!)

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