Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foreign Film Club: Israel Film Festival- NY Edition

After seeing a few of the films at the Los Angeles based Israel Film Festival this summer, I have been anxiously awaiting for New York debut. Spanning over two weeks, nearly every film I tried to see sold out unbelievably fast. I ventured out last night to see "Strangers" with other members of the self-proclaimed Foreign Film Club (NY Chapter.)

Strangers was described in the synopsis as a modern day romance of an Israeli "Romeo" and Palestinian "Juliet" who meet while traveling in Berlin during the 2006 World Cup. With a strong interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, enthusiasm for European travel and FIFA soccer, and an obvious weakness for love, I was thrilled to see this film.

I will start by saying that I had very high hopes for this movie, and aside from the smokin-hot lead, Liron Levo, I was somewhat disappointed. The story of impossible love was touching, however trying to use it as a representative tool for the greater Israeli-Palestinian conflict ended up as overkill and a made for a bit of a flat story line and loss of focus. The message and theme of the movie got lost in its attempt to incorporate too many stories into a one and a half hour time slot. However, I left the movie feeling hopeful and somewhat wooed.

There are only two more days of the festival, as it ends Thursday Novemeber 13 so hurry up and go see "Lost Islands" tomorrow night. According to the Foreign Film Club's West Village ambassador, Lady M, it is phenomenal!

Please find the trailer for Strangers below.

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