Sunday, May 25, 2008

In Need of Good Gossip

Besides the deliciously dishy plot lines and plethora of eye candy for teenagers and 20's somethings alike, Gossip Girl bleeds gorgeous fashion like it was dying of stab wounds. IT IS the new 'Sex and The City' for your fashion cravings. Patricia Fields watch out---we have a new style guru in town: Eric Daman (whom coincidentally was the assistant designer on S.A.T.C)I love Daman's twist on the school uniform--- although not quite realistic - it is almost fantastical and always stylish. Which brings me to my next point: knee high socks. I love them---but of course it can be tricky to pull off the look in every day life--

These cute grey patterned socks looks great-- and you can find them at places like Forever 21 and the like:

So for now I will be experimenting with knee high socks to figure out what can translate into reality the best. To find out how to dress like the cast go to : The Gossip Girl Website on Style

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