Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brooklyn Street Scene

My much needed long-weekend in New York involved a significant amount of parading around Brooklyn with a significant amount of time spent in my sister's neighborhood, Park Slope. There are amazing cafes, fun and rowdy bars on nearly every block, and an overwhelming assortment of edgy and stylish boutiques. I had barely gotten off the airplane and we rushed over to the Gowanus Yacht Club where we drank cheap beer on tap and ate delicious hot dogs. I got a good feel for Brooklyn by night and we checked out some other local bars, notably the Brooklyn Social Club and Union Hall. The day was spent walking through Prospect Park and down Fifth Avenue where we got to check out some awesome shops. I found an awesome and unique purse at my sister's all-time favorite store Beacon's Closet.

We then walked over to the boutique Something Else. They had awesome gear for guys and girls and an amazing assortment of SHOES. I have been on the prowl for the "perfect" pair of gladiators and I finally found them. Dark brown Dolce Vitas which are uber comfortable and not so busy that people would gawk and point at them on the street. I love them!!

Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. I find most flea markets in metropolitan cities to be somewhat similar in the things they sell and the demographic they attract. It was quite reminiscent of the Melrose Trading Post, however, there was a much larger selection of independent vintage vendors. My sister and I were browsing through one woman's selection and stumbled upon this unbelievable "cats with whiskers" vest. This photo was just for fun and gave us a very long laugh!

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  1. Beacons closet sounds amazing!!! I want that bag :) and that vest is rediculously awesome. Looking forward to your next post!