Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emphasis on the "esque"

A lovely weekend in San Francisco would not have been complete without a trip to "Mecca" also known as the most amazing grandiose 3 story Forever 21 that exists. This large physical spaces attracts females ranging from ages 17-35+ (unfortunately) in a manner similar to dogs in heat. While it was very overwhelming and somewhat claustrophobic we each left with an exciting new article of clothing which made the misery of changing in the public eye and fighting girls off well worth it. Both Stacey and i got this terrific white/gray/black Missoni-esque tunic. Its design is clearly inspired by Missoni however it is an afforable option for those who are not in the position to buy designer gear...which would be most of us! It can be worn casually during the day with flats and boots or dressed up at night with a pair of gladiator stilettos!

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