Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to revamp your Office Wardrobe: For Men

 Photo: Carter Smith
GQ Magazine has a great this month about how to revamp your office wardrobe.  So for our fabulous Culturisto readers- here is some of their advice!  For the photo above: wear a pocket square!! And make it interesting in a plaid print!  Other great accessories to wear at work: tie clips, cuff links, or a nice watch.

Brown is the new Black!!  Instead of pairing your suit with the normal black belt, black shoes--- try brown! It will instantly add a bit of 'cool' to your wardrobe!

Instead of the basic light colored shirts- try something bold!  Wear a bright colored shirt with your traditional suit.  Let the color do the talking and tone the rest of your outfit down.

Don't be afraid of the three-piece suit! We here at the Culturistas are huge lovers of the three piece suit. It adds a classic elegance to anyone's wardrobe- plus you still look very put together with no jacket!

All Photos: Carter Smith
Model: Paul Walker

Read the rest of the article here: www.GQ.com

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