Monday, January 11, 2010

Belevedere Bar and Limited edition Vodka

Belevedere Vodka has added the limited edition Belvedere Silver to its vodka collection for the 2009 holiday season. Belevedere Silver comes in a sleek and festive silver bottle making a great gift or just a great drink. Belvedere has simultaneously launched its 'Belevedere Bar,' a website full of great drink recipes, mixing tips and a blog.  Here are a few great tips we have found:

Here is a yummy drink recipe courtesy of Belvedere Bar:

Another great drink for those watching your calorie intake:

Calorie-ista Vodka Drink

2 oz of Vodka
6 oz of seltzer water
1 packet of Crystal Light

Use ice cold vodka and chilled seltzer water.  Pour vodka and seltzer on ice. Add crystal light.

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