Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Afternoon Tea at Cha-An

Going to tea at Cha-An was a unique experience which was surprisingly similar to the traditionally English meal. Cha-An is a cozy and intimate restaurant specializing in Japnese-style tea and deserts. The restaurant is located in the Japanese enclave of NYC's East Village which I had yet to experience. It truly felt like I was a tourist in Japan for the afternoon. We ordered the afternoon tea set which came with tea smoked salmon sandwiches, scones, red bean pound cake, green tea macaroon, and a pot of tea. To sample some savory flavors, we also ordered the mushroom and scallion quiche, seafood gratin, and curry soup. With bite size portions at Cha-An, you can try a variety of different dishes without feeling overwhelmingly full. Keep this in mind and do not go ravenously hungry expecting a satiating meal. The selection of tea was enormous with a wide variety of green teas and herb teas. The Culturistas recommend the Honey Phoenix Oolong tea and a trip to the high tech Japanese style toilet. The remote-controlled bathroom visit is as much of a must as the tea.

This was an awesome experience and the next time you are contemplating a trip to Japan we suggest going to Cha-An first. Just remember to bring cash! Arigato!

230 E. 9th Street
New York, NY

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  1. mmmmm....looks delish..I'll have to pop in the next time I'm in the area