Saturday, August 16, 2008

The NYC Culturista goes domestic

After three weeks here in New York I am finally getting settled and things are falling into place. When I first walked into the apartment I honestly almost started crying. But after days spent at ikea and engaging in more manual labor than I ever have in my life, we have a cute apartment which is now called home. I tapped into my creative side in the spectrum of home decor and interior design. While it was a lot of work, it was uber fun developing the look/feel/and design of our apartment.

We each brainstormed on color schemes for our rooms and planned how to make it work within the framework of our modest budget. This included paint samples, the ikea catalog, deciding on wood finishes for furniture, and spending larger sums of money than we had expected. However, the final product is well worth it and I can say with certainty that we transformed our apartment from a dump to a dwelling place.

Nikki's room: Seafoam green + Ikea= Design Within Reach

My room- Cloud blue + dark furniture + purple= Z Gallerie? Urban Outfitters?

Danielle's room: Green + white furniture and a bright floral bedspread= Pottery Barn

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